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Samuel White Boucher

Samuel White Boucher was the youngest of four children born to Elisha and Hester McClanahan Boucher. He was born in Meigs County, Tennessee on 22 April 1854. He is listed with his parents on the 1860 Limestone, Meigs, Tennessee census. His siblings were Anna Jane who was born on 23 August 1846, William Robert, born 21 February 1848; and Amanda Malvina, who was born on 20 August 1852.

In 1870, Elisha and Hester moved to Missouri. Samuel’s sisters, Anna Jane and Amanda, were married by that time. Since Samuel was just 16, he made the move with his parents. His brother William, who was 22, did not move until later. His father told of the trip to Missouri in a letter written to Anna Jane which is included in his history.

When they arrived in Missouri, the family settled in Texas county. All of Samuel's siblings also relocated so that the family could be together, as his parents had wished. On the 1876 census for Texas County, they are shown as follows- William K. Boucher, G. W. Whitlock, Rose & Purley Wellington, Hester & Sam Boucher, Haisen & Amanda Hickman w/children, William, Elish, George W. (all under 10). By this time, Samuel's father had passed away and he and his mother were living together. As can be seen, George W. Whitlock and his family were also living in Texas County at the time, as was George's daughter Rossea, listed as Rose Wellington on the census, with her daughter, Pearl. Rossea was divorced from her first husband, Horatio. On 27 May 1877. Rossea and Samuel were married in Texas County, Missouri. She was 13 years older than Samuel.

Sam and Rossie had three sons. Luther was born on 22 April 1878 in Clear Springs, Texas, Missouri. Arthur was born on 12 February 1880, also in Clear Springs. On the 1880 census the family lived in Pierce, Texas, Missouri next door to Rossea's father George and his second wife, Catherine Whitlock; and also Sam's brother, William R. Boucher. Edward, their youngest, was born 26 March 1882 and died 30 October 1885. By the time of his death, the family had moved to Hutton Valley, Howell, Missouri.

At some point in their marriage, Samuel went out west. He died in 1897 at the home of a cousin in Chelsa, Rogers, Oklahoma. It was called Indian Lands at the time. He was only 43 years old when he died.

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