Friday, June 6, 2014

Emily Gourd Procter

The last time I saw my great-grandmother, Emily Procter, she was living in a little apartment in Portland, Oregon. Her daughter, my father's Aunt Gert, took good care of her. She had that charming English accent that I love and was just a tiny little woman. This picture is the last time we visited her sometime in 1967, which the year she died on December 9th. She was 95 years old in this picture, and still doing very well. My brother, Richard, was home visiting from the Navy. I am standing behind him next to my mother, Betty, and Aunt Gert. My father, Ray, is sitting just behind her. The thing I remember most about that visit is that she spoke of her husband with tears in her eyes and said, "I miss him so much!"

This was taken when Emily was younger. She married John Procter on 19 January 1890 at Doncaster. She was the mother of eight children. Six of them were born in England, one in Vancouver, British Columbia, and her last daughter in Portland, Oregon in 1915.

Here is a good picture of Emily with her daughters, Dorothy (my grandmother), Gert, and Berniece, who we all called Aunt Lou. The last daughter, Evelyn, died when she was just seven years old. The boys were Walter, Percy, Cecil, and Douglas. Aren't those good English names! She lost Walter during World War I (1915), when he was killed in Turkey. Walter's full name was Walter William Gourd Procter, so he was named for Emily's father.

And finally, Emily's birth information--She was born on 6 June 1872 in Balby, which is very near Doncaster, York, England (see previous post). Her parents William Soper Gourd and Mary Jane Bolt Gourd, were from Devonshire, but since he worked for the railroad, they moved north to Doncaster. She was the youngest of their three surviving children. Having moved north, and since her father worked for the railroad, they no doubt made visits south to Devonshire to visit family there. I don't really know very much about her childhood, but have good memories of visiting her home as a child myself, and sitting on her porch on her large porch swing while the adults talked and visited.


Cori said...

Didn't we go down and see Aunt Gert when we were little? I can only remember bits and pieces of that trip. Grandpa drove the old van and either HOnor or I was not feeling well. We had to stop for medicine and Grandpa was annoyed at stopping. You said we needed something to drink to take the medicine and Grandpa said, "She can use her spit." He then got out of the car and went back in for a drink. Funny Grandpa.

Judie & George said...

That was when my cousin, Joel, got married. It was about 1984. Aunt Gert visited us. If you look at the family pictorial, you will see a photo of her with you kids, at the brown house.

gerry321 said...

i am gerald gourd, living in staffordshire, england. my father, john parker gourd was born in devon in 1911. he married annie may rendle in 1935. i have 4 sisters and 1 brother, all alive and well, living in devon and staffordshire