Saturday, July 5, 2014

Siri Knutsdatter Gigstad

Siri Knutsdatter was christened on 5 July 1795 at Nord-Aurdal, Oppland, Norway which is a part of the traditional district of Valdres in central, southern Norway. Oppland is one of two fylke that does not border the sea. It is an area of mountains with two valleys, one of them being Valdres. Nord-Aurdal is in the western part of Oppland county. Their primary occupation is raising cattle and sheep.

Siri's parents were Knut Knutsen and Anne Bendixdatter. She was born on the Gigstad farm, as was her father. On 28 October 1815, she married her husband, Knut, who died a year later, leaving her a widow at the young age of 21, and with a young son, also named Knut. She married again on 16 Nov 1817, to Tore Olsen and they took over the Dovre property. There they raised a large family of nine children. Siri died in about 1850.

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