Saturday, July 5, 2014

William Bolt, Father and Son

William Bolt, the father, was baptized on 5 July 1772, and William Bolt, the son, was baptized on 28 July 1799, when his father was 27 years old. Both were born at Powderham, Devonshire, England. The most notable characteristic of Powderham is a castle, appropriately called Powderham Castle. It was built between 1390 and 1420 by Sir Philip Courtenay. The site of the castle is an ancient deer park beside Exe Estuary (photo compliments of Exe Estuary Management Partnership). It is one of those places a person must see if visiting Devonshire, and is part of the greater Exeter area. Exeter is the capitol of Devon, has its own cathedral, and is historically ancient, predating the Romans.

As for the William Bolts, we don't know a lot about them. The father was the son of Anne Bolt. His baptism record notes, "William Bolt, base son of Ann Bolt, baptized." In other words, his mother was unmarried. Anne married Edward West on 30 Jan 1775, when William was two and a half years old and provided him with a large family of ten brothers and sisters. He married Mary Northam Potbury on 4 October 1797 at Powderham. They had four known children named William, Thomas, Ann, and Martha.

William, the son, married Sarah Sealy in about 1825. Since Sarah was from Chudleigh, they were probably married there. Their known children are John Sealy, Mary Jane, and William. They were all born at Chudleigh. Chudleigh is a staggering 9.5 miles inland from Powderham.

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