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Ole Hjalmer Dovre, Traveling Man

Ole Hjalmer Dovre was born on 24 August 1887 at Crystal, Pembina, North Dakota, which is located in the most NE corner of North Dakota, adjacent to Minnesota. His parents were Thore O. Dovre and Olette Wigness. He was born just two days before his mother's 24th birthday. He had one older brother, Oscar Alfred, who was not yet two years old. The family continued to grow until there were ten children. In 1894, when there were just five children in the family his older brother died, and he became the oldest child.

On the 1900 census the family was living at Holt, Marshall, Minnesota. He was enumerated with his father as Hjalmer O., age 12, and born in August 1887 in North Dakota. His parents were both born in Norway.

Then on 29 December 1909, Ole married Gunda Baashus at Fordville, Grand Forks, North Dakota. Theodore Leonard, their first child, was born at Fordville. George, Gladys and Hillard were born at Holt. Their last daughter, Donna, was born nearby at Middle River. On the 1920 census the family was living at Holt, where Ole rented and did farming.

According to Dolores Dovre, Ole worked on the Alaska Highway, which was completed in 1943. The Highway ran between Dawson Creek, British Columbia and Delta Junction, Alaska. When he came home there wasn't any work in Minnesota. Then he went to Hawaii for 18 months to work. During these times Gunda and Donna stayed in Thief River Falls. Ole was in Hawaii when Gale Dovre was born in 1945. During that time, he saved enough money to buy a service station in Snohomish, Washington. Ole and Gunda moved to Snohomish, Snohomish, Washington where they lived until Ole's death on 23 June 1964.


mudderbear said...

I hope you don't tire of hearing this, but your pages are soooo beautiful. They are just awesome. I love the pictures of Norway, the Vinnufossen mountain is breathtaking. Putting so much geography into your stories paints very clear pictures of your family's lives. And the portrait of Ole and Gunda is so nice. What handsome people they are. What a wonderful photograph.
I'm working on my own pages. I must confess to copy-catting your birthday idea. It has led me to learn quite a bit more about all my people just by taking a closer look at that little bit of information. The list I'm making now leads me on interesting journeys. If I go back far enough there are several crossovers where two or more lines merge. There is one rather extensive line that starts in England and winds down to emerge on my father's and my mother's lines. Interesting. There are completely different lines for centuries and then one man marries twice and one marriage comes through to my mother's names and the other winds up on my father's side. Rather amazing to me. Isn't it great.!!! Keep up the good're an inspiration.

Patricia said...


Please contact me about your family member Olette Wigness as I have found so much information on her in Norway.

I have tried to contact you prior to this comment so I am asking if you would like to know even when she signed out of the State Church of Norway in 1881. I have her ancestry going way way back and it is very interesting.

Most Sincerely,

Patricia Maxwell