Friday, August 15, 2014

Randi Knudsdatter

Randi was born on 15 August 1839 at Fale,Sunndal, Møre-Romsdal, Norway. She was the daughter of Knud Andersen Gravem and Marit Jorgensdatter Toske. She was christened on September 8th of the same year at Sunndal. Her parents were not married. She was her father's third illegitimate child and her mother's second with the same father. A record of their later marriage has not been found.

Møre-Romsdal is a county in the northernmost part of Western Norway that borders Oppland and other counties. Sunndal is the largest community in Møre-Romsdal, stretching from the fjord into the Dovre Mountains. It is an area of dramatic beauty as shown by this photo of Vinnufossen. Interestingly, Sunndal's police department has a sister-city in the USA, which is Issaquah, Washington!

On 21 May 1865, Randi married Halvor Thorsen Ottem at Sunndal. Halvor did not own the Ottem farm himself, but lived at a place called Ottem-lokken, which belonged to Ottem, and is sometimes called Aakerlokken. He was a "husmand" or a cottager. All of their children were born at the Ottem farm. They raised a large family of twelve, several of whom immigrated to America. When they arrived, this family used the farm name of Ottem as their surname. It may be that they hoped to improve their situation by coming to America.

Sometime before 1900, Halvor died. On the 1900 census Randi was a widow and her son, Martinus was living at home with her in Sunndal. He was a tailor. Another son, Lars was also living at home. So while we do not have death dates for Halvor or Randi, we know that he died before 1900 and she died after that time.


Honor said...

it's too bad that there is no way to find out more of each person's story.

blackgata said...

I have just been working on Larry's mom's line and her ancestors were named Otten and when they came to America they also settled in Minnesota about the same time your Ottem ancestors were there. It's a small world. Glad to see you are back, hope you had a good time.

mudderbear said...

I just LOVE how you do these posts. They are so beautiful and you have so much information about where and how your ancestors lived. You really inspire me to work on mine and make them more attractive. I have to figure out how to get some pictures into the blog itself like you've done.
Norway must certainly be one of the most beautiful places on earth. It looks so majectic and green. It's really awesome. I would love to go there.
And I love the birthday list. That is such a fun idea. You are so creative.