Thursday, September 4, 2008

What is this?

I've been working hard at finding something new for William F. Locke in the hope that I might connect him to his father, whose name I don't know; but who I hope is Hezekiah. Last night I found a new census for William in Preble County, Ohio. This isn't too surprising since Preble is located just across the IN-OH border from Randolph County. The thing is, I already have an 1850 census for William and Mary Jane. Well, it appears that they were in Preble County in August, and by November they were back in Randolph County, Indiana. The census enumerator caught them twice! So this seems to prove that Sarah, their second daughter, was actually born in Ohio. There was a 17-year old named Levi living with them in Ohio, and they were living next door to Edmund Lock. How do these two fit into my ever-changing picture? Edmund was the last person I had in mind to be a brother to William. What to do, what to do!