Thursday, September 10, 2015

Halvor Thoreson, "husmand" at Ottem

Halvor was born on 10 September 1843 at Ottem, Sunndal, More-Romsdal, Norway. He was christened on October 10th of the same year. He was the illegitimate child of Randi Pedersdatter Ottem and Thore Olsen Hagen. He was his father's third illegitimate child with different persons, and his mother's first.
Halvor married Randi Knudsdatter on 21 May 1865 at Sunndal, More-Romsdal, Norway. She was also an illegitimate child. Halvor did not own the farm Ottem himself, but lived at a place called Ottem-lokken, which belonged to Ottem, also sometimes called Aakerlokken. He was a "husmand" or a cottager. All of their children were born at the Ottem farm. Together they had a large family of 12 children. Several of them came to the United States where they took the Ottem surname. In 1900, Randi was a widow at Sunndal, so we know that he died before 1900.

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Cori said...

What's with all the illegitimate children back then??