Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Pinder Procter Connection

If you look for Yorkshire histories at the left, you will see that there is a nice description of Doncaster and a good map of the places Sarah Pinder lived under the posting for her husband, John Procter, who she married on 6 September 1841 at Rotherham, a good place to go to be married because of its many churches.

John Pinder and his wife, Jane Butter, are credited with two daughters named Sarah. This normally happened when the older child died and the parents used the name again when another child of the same gender was born. In this case, the two Sarah's ages are two years apart. The first was christened on 13 October 1819, and the second on 24 January 1821, both at Doncaster. Normally, one would assume that the first Sarah was deceased. In this case, the Sarah who married John Procter was 32 years old on the 1851 census for Doncaster, setting her birth at 1819. Both of the christening dates were extracted from church records by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. There could actually be two Sarahs or just one, with different christening dates recorded. One could be a correction. Or, these two girls could have had different names, but one was recorded incorrectly. We cannot know. But we do know when Sarah Pinder married John Procter and that she is a grandmother for us. And we further know that she was the daughter of her parents, John and Jane.

Sarah's married life matches that of her husband as follows--
On 6 September 1841, John married Sarah Pinder, the daughter of John Pinder and Jane Butler, his wife. They married at Rotherham, located about thirteen miles SW of Doncaster. That would have been a big trip for them. Their first son, Henry, was born in 1842 at Cantley, which is about three miles east of Doncaster. John is our grandfather, six generations back for my children. Their five other children were born at Doncaster, where they made their home for the rest of their lives. Their four girls were M. (name unknown), Jane, Mary Ann, and Lucy. Their last child was John, born in 1859, which is about the time Sarah died, perhaps in childbirth.

Sarah, if she was born in 1819, would have been about 40 years old when she died. She had a relatively short life, proving once again, that childbearing was a perilous business in earlier times.

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