Thursday, November 26, 2015

John Pinder

Our last known November birthday is that of John Pinder, the son of Joseph Pinder and Ann Ryel. His christening took place at Doncaster, Yorkshire, England on 26 November 1788, just a little over a year after his parents were married, also at Doncaster. He had a younger brother and sister, Noah and Mary.

On 31 October 1808, he married Jane Butter or Butler. Together they raised a large family at Doncaster, where all of the children were christened. They were John, Joseph, Thomas, Sarah, Sarah, Norah, George and Harriett. There was another John Pinder at Doncaster with a wife named Jane, but with a different surname. It could be the same Jane, or not. This needs to be sorted out.

And that's all we know. If you look at other postings for Yorkshire, you can get a feel for the area and its beauty.

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Honor said...

2 sarah's? and the last name of butter ... that would be interesting.

(at my new dr's office, the receptionists name is Honor also ... we both thought that was interesting. Neither of us had ever met another one)