Friday, July 18, 2014

Tore Olsen of Ranum and Dovre

Thore or Tore was christened on 18 July 1790 at Nord Aurdal, Oppland, Norway. His parents were Ole Olsen Ranum and Ane Toresdatter. He was their third child. On 16 November 1817 he married Siri Knudsdatter Gigstad, the widow of Knut Gulbrandson, who farmed the Dovre farm. Along with the farm, Siri brought a year old son to the marriage.

Archives reports state that Tore fought in the war against Sweden in 1814. It also notes that Siri died sometime between 1850-1851, leaving Tore with nine children. The oldest son, Ole, who is our ancestor, had by that time, taken over the gaard. The other five boys and two of the girls went to America to secure a better future. At least one of them took the surname Thorson in the United States.


mudderbear said...

Hi..I'm just wandering around and thought I'd stop by and look at your genealogy page. They are so nice..peaceful... and easy to fall into. I also envy the beautiful portraits you have..they are so nice. And the journaling carries you along so smoothly.
Anyway, Just thought I'd say Hi and thank you for the visit. Hope all is well for you and your family. Take care.

djsonora said...

Hello, I was searching family history and came accross this blog post. My great great grandfather was the youngest of Tore and Siri, he was Harold Thorson who came to the U.S. and became a banker, philanthropost, and co founder of St. Olaf College. I would love to hear from you. Thank you, Deborah Cunningham

djsonora said...

Hello, I came accross your page, my great great grandfather was Harold Thorson the youngest of Tore and Sigrid. He became and Banker,Philanthropist and help found St. Olaf College, in MN. I would love to share some history. Thank you, Deborah