Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Olette Vignes

Recently, I received some new information about Olette Vignes. It was exciting to find some of the missing pieces to what we already had, and because of that, I retired her old birthday post and am adding this new one.

Olette Olsdatter Vingnaes or Vignes, as it was spelled on her death certificate, was born on 26 August 1863 at Ostre-Toten (East-Toten), Oppland, Norway. Her parents were Ole Jensen and Elene Marie Olsdatter, who were married at Ostre-Toten on 25 April 1848. She had three brothers who were Ole, Nils and Bernt. This family is listed on the 1865 census for Ostre Toten. As you may guess, they lived at the farm called Vingnaes.

There is also a record of their emigration on 26 June 1881. On the 1900 census for Holt, Marshall, Minnesota she indicated that she immigrated in 1881 and spoke and wrote in English. The 1881 immigration date is just one year too late for the 1880 census, and since the 1890 census was destroyed by a fire, the 1900 census is the first opportunity to locate her in a family setting.

On 27 May 1885, she married Thore O. Dovre in Minneota, Cottonwood, Minnesota, a poetic sounding place. As it says on Google, "Minneota, Minnesota, it's the place I want to go tah." They didn't stay, although their first son, Oscar Alfred, was born there. They returned to Holt in Marshall County, Minnesota. Their family was a large family of ten children. They were Oscar, Ole Hjalmer, Ella Magdalene, John Edwin, Marie Alvidia, Alma Ovidia, Selma Juline, Nora Augusta, Theodore, and Harold.

By the time of the 1910 census they had been married for 24 years. Their oldest son, Oscar Alfred had died in 1894, so there were nine living children. Two local school teachers boarded with them. Thore was a farmer. They were still dry farming in Holt on the 1920 census. Ella, who was 31 and not married, lived with them along with the younger children; Nora, Theodore, and Harald.

Olette died on 8 June 1922 at Holt, leaving her husband, Thore, a widower. She is the last of the August Norwegian birthdays.

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